“He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not”

Debut novel released on August 1, 2021 



Growing up in the shadow of an immoral mother—one who believes there are no rules in marriage or life that apply to her—Lily Armstrong vows to be a better woman. Thankfully Lily has a devoted father, Ben, who loves and adores her up until his sudden death, leaving Lily the sole caregiver for her ill mother, Daisy.

The latest family tragedies have forced Lily to question the history her parents claimed to be true. With the discovery of disturbing diaries kept by her mother, Lily will uncover dark twists that her curiosity will not let stay buried in the past. Lily has always struggled to understand what made her mother so callous and unloving. Within the contents of the secret diaries, the sinister truth will finally come to light.

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“Puppet’s Shadow”

Publication Release July 31, 2022


Madison and Piper were identical twins, mirror images – on the outside

Confident, head-strong Madison Sterling possessed it all – a devoted twin sister, hundreds of male admirers, an invitation to swank social events, and captivating beauty. Except Madison was never content. Boredom with her mundane life and rebellion against authority led her to make questionable choices steering her down a self-destructive path. Her life spiraled out of control.

Brilliant but human Piper Sterling always succeeded – except with rescuing her sister. Piper’s heart ached as she watched her sister burn bridge after bridge. While distracted with saving her twin, Piper lost sight of her own principles. As the angelic sister, Piper was faced with her own daunting decision.

A tragic accident changes everything. Only one twin will survive but which one? Does anyone really know?

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“Secrets Maple Keeps”

TO BE RELEASED: April 30, 2023


A mother’s unconditional love for her child swells deep within her heart. The protective instinct is undeniable.

When Evelyn Stanton became a mother, she pledged that her children would always be her number one priority. Even though as teenagers, they require less time and attention, they continue to be her passion, some might call it an obsession. Motherhood is her heart and soul. Her children give her life purpose.

However, when her oldest son Hudson displays the classic signs of addiction, Evelyn’s snowplow parenting can’t pave the way wide enough to save him. While she focuses her unwavering attention on him, her marriage suffers, and the life that she created and managed for years spirals out of her control.

Before she can save her family from the depths of addiction, someone is murdered, and Evelyn is surprisingly arrested. Will Evelyn be able to protect her family from behind bars?

Don’t assume my silence equals forgiveness, and never underestimate my ability to deliver what you deserve.

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