Who is Emersyn Park?

Good question. Basic enough, but what is the question really seeking? Do you want to know what she looks like? Or how tall she is? Or are you interested in what makes her tick? Where do her ideas come from? What inspires her? “Who is Emersyn Park” isn’t a simple question.

With the aid of her worn-out flip flops, Emersyn stands five feet three inches short. Her hairstylist – who has been by her side for twenty-five years – would say she is naturally a dishwater brunette with slight waves. Her dermatologist – who is her neighbor – would tell you she needs to stay out of the sun or at least apply some sunscreen. Her friends – who she refers to as her ‘witches’ – would claim her giggle-snort is contagious and that she talks a lot. Her go-to outfit is a pair of capris and a t-shirt.

Emersyn’s personality splits between two types: type A (an organized, goal-orientated planner) and also type B (a bubbly extrovert who feeds off of social interaction to reenergize). These traits have served her well. While she enjoys alone time – to ponder her creative thoughts – she can comfortably chat with anyone.

Her journey to write and publish a book is a simple one. She has always dreamed of becoming an author like her idols, Gillian Flynn, Colleen Hoover, Dianne Chamberlain, Emily Giffin, and Ruth Ware. As a young child, she wrote one-act plays and short stories that her type A personality could control the ending to.

In high school, her love for reading intensified, and she was often found with her nose in a work of fiction. She also became very active with her high school newspaper and yearbook staffs where her talent and passion for writing blossomed under the wonderful direction of her Journalism teacher. 

As an adult, many novels crept onto paper but never fully contained Emersyn’s attention. Her role as a mother was her number one priority. Now that her two sons have grown and become independent, welcomed free time resurfaced. 

“He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” was born during COVID-19 quarantine. Page after page poured out of Emersyn as if the words had been bottled up and were overflowing. Even though the global pandemic has completely altered our ‘normal,’ it is also credited with giving Emersyn the gift of time and the opportunity to create an entertaining story that leads its readers to question the basic facts that you were led to believe. Not everything is as it appears.

We all have a story to tell; whether it’s a great story depends on how you tell it.




“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” ~Beverly Sills