“Secrets Maple Keeps”

“Another page-turner with a run of twists and turns I never could have predicted. Every chapter ends in suspense by reeling us in.”

Denise Richelle 

Avid Reader, Nebraska

“The twists and turns and subtle hints along the way will keep you turning the pages and needing more. If that’s not enough, Emersyn has a talent for developing characters.”


Avid Reader, South Dakota

“I loved Evie’s relationship with Frank and some of my favorite scenes of the novel were when the two of them were together. Everyone needs a Frank in their lives.”


Book Reviewer, New Jersey

“This book pulls at your heart strings. As a mom, it is easy to relate to Evelyn’s love for her children. When you think about your kids, it is simple to think, ‘I would do anything for them’, but at what cost?”


Avid Reader, South Dakota

“This is a lot more than a thriller. It has massive amounts of heart and will make you think long after it is done. Another grand slam, Emersyn!”


Book Reviewer, California

“The characters made me laugh, the events and family experiences were relatable, and I couldn’t get enough.”


Avid Reader, Michigan

“This book touches on everything from friendship, motherhood, infidelity, the pitfalls of addiction, murder, incarceration and revenge.”


Book Reviewer, Michigan

“I always like alternating timelines that slowly reveal the twisty truth and I really enjoyed the characters, especially Frank.”


Book Reviewer, Canada

“Puppet’s Shadow”

“Emersyn did an amazing job with the character developments. Each person has their secrets, and all the secrets will come together.”


Book Reviewer, Iowa

“Alternating POVs makes this book a real page-turner! Switching between Piper, Maddy, and Eleanor… we follow along as they tell their versions of the story. Be ready to want to binge this in one sitting!”


Book Reviewer, New York

“This was such a bingeable read with short chapters and never ending questions that kept you wanting to read without taking a break. Really enjoyed this one!!”


Book Reviewer, Rhode Island

“You will be tearing through the pages as fast as you can. Discovering more twists and turns, and family secrets as you devour the chapters in gulps.”


Book Reviewer, Vermont

“I absolutely love Emersyn’s writing style. It’s so captivating, flows so nicely and just pulls you right in.”


Book Reviewer, Rhode Island

“Told with alternating perspectives of each of the twins plus a 3rd narrator, the words flew off the page. This is one you don’t want to put down, it’s completely binge worthy. And the ending is completely jaw dropping. I love a good surprise.”


Book Reviewer, Illinois

“My favorite thing about this book and Park’s last book is her ability to create characters that make you question their sanity.”


Book Reviewer, Illinois

“After reading reading Emersyn’s debut novel He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, I knew she’d be an author to keep an eye on. Puppet’s Shadow did not disappoint.”


Book Reviewer, New York

“He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not”

“There we’re so many twists and turns in the novel that I didn’t know what would happen next!”

Caramie M.

Book Reviewer, Missouri

“I loved it, it was emotional, it was believable, it felt like a REAL tale. There were a few heavy, dark twists and it was absolutely absorbing!”

Jillian J.

Book Reviewer, Canada

“This book yanked at my heart strings and slapped me right in the face with it’s blunt and harsh words. It’s clever, dark and just my kinda book.”

Devin P.

Book Reviewer, Canada

“This book shines the light on cruel secrets, missed opportunities and the ugly mess that seeps from the pores of a fractured maternal relationship.”

Nic Winter

Author, United Kingdom

“I found myself gasping quite a few times and didn’t see the twists that Park threw at me.”


Book Reviewer, Florida

“Such a great read! Daisy was a great character that you loved to hate and I only barely felt sorry for in the last 5% of the book. Lily did the best she could with her circumstances and at the end of it all, found the peace she needed.”


Book Reviewer, Kentucky

“There is some heavy content, but you also get moments of comic relief. If you love stories of self-discovery, this will be a great book for you.”


Book Reviewer, Texas

“This book is a journey! It’s a generational tragedy, family drama and coming of age story. A book that hooks you in, makes you a little comfortable, and leaves you thinking, “wtf just happened.” I loved it!”


Book Reviewer, Iowa

“The writing is beautiful, the story tragic, and the narrative unique. I happen to think this one’s a diamond in the rough.”

Shannon Jump

Author, Minnesota

“The focal point of this book is the damaged relationship between a mother and daughter (you can love someone and still not like them). The family drama is devouring!”


Book Reviewer, Missouri